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The OQ-Analyst system is widely considered the world’s gold standard routine outcome monitoring, web-based solution. OQ Measures provides us with adult and youth/adolescent outcome questionnaires. One of the benefits of the OQ Measures system is that it provides clinical support tools for our clinical staff - in real-time - so we can respond to, treat, and adjust each session as you move through therapy or treatment.

The OQ Measures system is a routine questionnaire that helps us to understand how your sense of well being changes over time, very much like a lab test or blood pressure measure answers questions about how someone’s physical health responds to treatment. It’s made up of 30-45 questions and takes about 5-7 minutes to complete. It provides helpful information about how you see yourself doing in areas such as mood, feelings, relationships or social problems and any other challenges that may be troubling you. Like a lab test, the OQ Measures provides helpful information that will help us keep track of how you are doing as we work together.

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