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Aura Counseling and Wellness strives to match their services with the needs of the community. Aura Counseling and Wellness is focused on providing services in a way that allows everyone to feel comfortable and safe while learning all the skills necessary to live a hopeful, productive, and satisfying life. Our main goal is to help you find a peace within your whole self by focusing on all aspects of your life to make you mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually healthy.


Our agency works to make the largest impact with our clients while remaining small and dedicated to our clients and community. We are always excited to accept new clients and help you to gain a better understanding of the things that you might be struggling with. You will see that we are dedicated to helping each other and our community on a small and large scale in ways that will help individuals and families with their mental health and substance use disorder issues.

About Us: About Us


Aura Counseling & Wellness has been committed to bringing support, hope and healing to those facing critical life challenges. Our methods have developed over years of continued therapy to our clients. We continue to do more for our clients each day.  


Our main goal is to change lives by bringing relief to those who have a strong desire to change their lives forever.


Everyone involved with the services of Aura Counseling & Wellness is highly trained and qualified in providing substance use disorder treatment, mental health counseling, and trauma-focused therapies. We can provide the help you need to move ahead.


Please contact us with any questions, feedback or if you are interested in working with us.

Bright Room


Elevate Your Awareness

This specialized service is maintained by a team of supportive and well-trained staff who are ready to help you overcome your challenges. Our clinical staff is highly trained in a variety of evidence-based therapies to best meet your needs.

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Substance Use Disorders

This service was developed for adults and teens who are in the process of overcoming their drug or alcohol use. We specialize in trauma-focused therapies and offer an open place for safe recovery. Contact us now, if you would like to learn more about this service.



Aura Counseling and Wellness wants to work and grow by staying as small as possible while making the biggest impact.
We provide services with optimism, knowing that our community will develop an accepting understanding of those that struggle with mental health and substance use disorders. Through our visions, we will assist our clients in learning how to effectively overcome and manage life's challenges.

Our Vision
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Aura Counseling and Wellness is committed to providing a safe, trusted, and useful resource for assisting individuals and families within our community with their mental health and substance use disorders. We are hopeful that our agency will provide greatly needed services in order to help our community grow and sustain a fully healthy population. 

Finding a Peace Within The Whole.

Our Mission
Our Goals


Aura Counseling and Wellness is focused on the local community and their needs. We are focused on the importance of the families, support systems, and long-term skills that will assist all of our clients. Our efforts will also help the community in being able to maintain a happy, fulfilling, and manageable life.  Aura Counseling and Wellness delivers therapy that is client-focused and fully involves anyone that is important to them, as well as meeting any outside requirements they might need.


Get to know our highly trained and dedicated clinical team!

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