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Our Client Care Team is responsible for some of the most important aspects of your services and treatment. They are vital to the effectiveness of our daily functioning and your independent success in therapy. 

Case Management Services are provided to all of our current clients, regardless of your ability to pay. 


Agency Treatment Supervisor
Lead Case Manager

Our detailed and complex system of clients and staff is never too much for Heather to handle. As the Agency Treatment Supervisor, Heather is vital to the daily success of our clients and staff. She is organized, intuitive, and always ready to take on the next task. She is a strong reminder that Aura Counseling & Wellness exists to help anyone, whenever you are in need.

Helping Woman


The Case Managers at Aura Counseling & Wellness are here to help you learn about and gain access to much needed services while helping you develop the skills and confidence to access and maintain those resources long after you are done with services. This team is here to help you navigate all things in the community such as medical care, prescription assistance, employment, housing, social supports/groups, and so much more.

Our Client Care Team is knowledgeable in the local community and it's resources as well as being university graduates, with a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree. 

Client Care Management: About


Aura Counseling and Wellness is motivated to help our clients develop the skills necessary to engage in our ever-changing community and feel confident while doing so. 

As part of our Technology Meets Therapy program, we will be developing and offering a technology lab that provides access to computers and internet to assist you with a wide range of skills development to accomplish your goals of gaining and maintaining an understanding of technology, web-based job applications and resumes, basic computer skills, and other programs in a supportive and therapeutic environment. 

Keep a look out for our upcoming Skills Development Groups, access to our computer lab, and other Life Skills programs specifically designed to align with your treatment and therapeutic goals! Our aim is to have this amazing program open in Summer 2020. 

Contact us for more information or if you are interested in registering to be one of the first clients to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind program! 

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