Our Mission

Aura Counseling and Wellness is committed to providing a safe, trusted, and useful resource for assisting individuals and families within our community with their mental health and substance use disorders. We are hopeful that our agency will provide greatly needed services in order to help our community grow and sustain a fully healthy population. Our agency is dedicated to helping others find a peace within their whole life.

Our Vision

Aura Counseling and Wellness wants to work and grow by staying as small as possible while making the biggest impact. We use counseling and case management services with optimism, knowing that the local community's residents will gain an understanding of mental health issues and substance use disorders. Through our visions, we will assist our clients in learning how to effectively manage their life struggles. 

Our Goals

Aura Counseling and Wellness has goals focused on the local population and their needs. We are focused on the importance of the families, support systems, and long-term skills that will assist all of our clients and their community in being able to live a happy, fulfilling, and manageable life. Aura Counseling and Wellness is focused on developing therapy or treatment that is client-focused and fully involves the client and the people that are important to them, as well as meeting any outside requirements they might need. 

**No one will be denied access to services due to their inability to pay**

Please ask about our discounted fee schedule to see if you qualify. 

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Aura Counseling and Wellness, LLC  |  PH: 208-463-4639  |  3050 12th Ave Rd. Nampa, Idaho 83686